What We Do

What We Do

Sign language interpreters work in all kinds of settings, anywhere communication is happening. Two areas where "effective communication" is critical, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA 1990), are legal and medical situations.

AQI Services contracts with qualified and certified sign language interpreters who have specialized training in legal interpreting and hold a Specialist Certificate: Legal (SC:L) from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). These sign language interpreters abide by both the RID Code of Professional Conduct and the Model Code of Professional Responsibility for Interpreters in the Judiciary.

AQI Services schedules professional who have the appropriate training and experience to work effectively in medical settings, such as interpreting for doctor office visits, inpatient hospital stays, crisis interventions, trips to the emergency room and surgical procedures.

For all assignments covered by AQI Services, our sign language interpreters, HIPAA compliance, confidentiality, and effective communication is the cornerstone of our professional ethical practices.

K-12 and Post-Secondary Education
Having qualified and certified educational interpreters is a critical part of a deaf child's education. The role and duties of a sign language interpreter are significantly different when working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. These children are still developing language and learning to understand the role of a sign language interpreter.

AQI Services Education Scheduling Department works with school districts to provide qualified and certified interpreters for ongoing needs, to day substitute needs, and other educational requests that best match the needs of each request.

All Business related
It is critical for businesses to reach out to consumers they might have overlooked in the past. AQI Services can provide you with the professional assistance you need to help your company overcome the challenge of reaching potential consumers who communicate primarily through American Sign Language.

Sign language interpreters work in a variety of settings, including, but not limited to:
  • Government (Federal, State, Local)
  • Medical, Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Legal
  • Universities, Colleges, and Technical Schools
  • K-12 Education
  • Social and Human Services
  • Businesses
  • Performing Arts
  • Press Conferences
  • Trade Shows/Conferences and Seminars

To request an interpreter or CART Services, please call our main line at 813-785-1214 or send an email to us at

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