Need Captioning for webinar? Conference? Meeting? Live Streams?

CART is a speech-to-text captioning service for anyone who needs communication access, for any audience, for having a record of proceedings, and more.

For instance, a CART writer sits next to a client who is hard of hearing and may use sign language in a small conference room and listens to the attorney, transcribing all that is heard, and the English text is being displayed on the computer screen so the client can read along.

Why would we need it?
Live captioning provides many benefits, including equal communication access, independence, freedom, full participation and independent understanding. It's not only for the deaf and hard of hearing individuals, it also benefits for anyone!

Can we have the service performed remotely?
Yes! CART can be used effectively remotely. The consumer would need a wireless microphone, an internet connection and a computer. The receiver for the wireless microphone is plugged into the consumer's laptop. The speaker wears the wireless microphone, which allows the CART writer to hear everything that is said. The text is then streamed from the CART writer's computer through the Internet and displayed on the consumer's computer screen.

Remote CART can be provided for meetings, classes, training sessions and special events such as press conferences and trade shows. The remote CART is exactly the same except the CART writer is in a remote location and listens to an event through the use of an audio connection.

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