**It is important to remember that VRI may not provide effective communication for every consumer or setting. An on-site sign language interpreter may be the only appropriate option for specific individuals or particular situations.**

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) uses video technology to bring professional interpreting to settings where having a live sign language interpreter present in the room is not essential.

  • Effective, affordable interpreting services with greater convenience.
  • Reduce cost for paid service time. Does not replace an on-site interpreter.
  • Requires only a computer, laptop or mobile device with a web cam.
  • Excellent option for short sessions in small, non-technical settings.
  • Cited under the ADA Law as an acceptable auxiliary aid for effective communication through the use of a qualified sign language interpreter.

*We also can provide spoken languages through this system.

VRI Benefits
  • No two hour minimum or extra fees for last minute requests, travel time or mileage
  • Available in rural and geographically remote areas where there are few certified interpreters available
  • Effective, affordable interpreting services with greater convenience
  • Clear video & audio quality
  • Tech Support available
  • Available 24 | 7 | 365, with no wait time


What kind of equipment do I need for using Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?
A computer with a webcam, or a tablet such as an iPad, high-speed internet connection in order to have a connection, it is highly recommended that you have at least 1MB upload/download speed. Please check your connection speed and the quality of your internet service.

How does VRI work?
Using VRI, the sign language interpreter and the consumer hear and see each other through video and audio connections. The sign language interpreter listens to what is said and signs it to the Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual, while also watching what is signed and voicing it for the person who hears.

Can I get a VRI Interpreter immediately?
We offer pre-scheduled VRI appointments and can provide instant access to VRI interpreters; however, we can offer accommodate same-day requests. If you have an immediate VRI need, please call us at 813-785-1214.

What are the advantages of VRI?
  • No two hour minimum or extra fees for last minutes request, travel time or mileage.
  • Available in rural and geographically remote areas where there are few certified sign language interpreters available.
  • Get a certified sign language interpreter 24 hours a day/365 days a year, with no wait time!
  • Increases your ability to reach consumers who use sign language, while reducing liability when equal access required by federal law is not provided.

In what setting can I use VRI?
  • VRI can be used in most settings such as:
  • Short sessions in small, non-technical settings
  • One-to-one meetings
  • Emergency room visits
  • Hospital admissions
  • Parent-Teacher conference

Where can VRI be used?
VRI is recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA 1990) as a reasonable accommodation for a person who uses sign language. It can be excellent interpreting solution for short, straightforward communication or when no local interpreter is available. VRI may be a good choice for a simple follow-up doctor visit, an impromptu meeting with a coworker, a parent's routine question at the child's school, or giving identifying information in an emergency room. VRI can also provide support for existing interpreting services by staff members or local interpreter providers.

To discuss further questions about VRI, call us at 813-785-1214.